June 17, 2024

Application specific kits

Kits for measurements in specific areas.

The kit for power system measurements is designed to meet requirements for measuring on power systems. The oscilloscope probes with 1:100 attenuation can measure voltages up to 2kV. They provide (together with oscilloscope isolated inputs) necessary tools for comfortable measurements of the power systems (shape of the waveform, harmonic analysis ...).

Thanks to the M595 oscilloscope, this kit is capable of measuring the frequencies up to 350MHz sampled with up to 1GS/s in real-time. The accessories are selected to allow measurements with input impedance of 10MOhm as well as measurements through 50Ohm coaxial cable

Using the fastest random interleaved sampling (RIS) mode (50GS/s) you can set the timebase as fast as 125ps/div.

The universal kit is designed to meet the most measuring requirements. It allows you to measure in wide range of systems and (thanks to the isolation) it reduces grounding errors, which could affect measurement results.

The accessories in this kit allow you to perform most measurements in lab and several special measurements in power systems.

This kit is suitable to universal use of the oscilloscope.