March 01, 2024

Universal oscilloscope kit

The universal kit is designed to meet the most measuring requirements. It allows you to measure in wide range of systems and (thanks to the isolation) it reduces grounding errors, which could affect measurement results.

The accessories in this kit allow you to perform most measurements in lab and several special measurements in power systems.

This kit is suitable to universal use of the oscilloscope.


Unique construction of the M774 oscilloscope provides pair of the isolated inputs. Isolation introduces increased security when measuring the voltage beyond safe level, makes measurement much more resistant to noise caused by grounding to multiple points.

This makes the device perfect for the measurement on the complex systems, where the probability of the multiple grounding is quite high (such as communication hubs). The M774 is ideal for measurements on the power systems, because the isolation together with possibility of safety grounding greatly decreases risk of the electric shock.

The 1MS memory per channel enables you to perform detail analysis of the fast, long processes (such as digital communication).

Device uses metal casing, which withstand rough manipulation and is fully recyclable.

The M774 offers precise electronic engineering (as is usual in all ETC devices) and automated calibration processes during manufacturing. Each kit contains the traceable calibration certificate. The inputs withstand +-200V, which is quite rare in this category.

The used memory size is configurable. This allows you to easily switch between high update rates (short memory) and the high data amounts (large memory). Since the M774 device uses USB 2.0 for communication (with automatic fallback to USB 1.1), the device provides you with high refresh rates comparable to the stand-alone devices.


The basic package contains complex, yet easy to use, oscilloscope software (Scope). Scope allows you to easily control oscilloscope, use advanced functions (such as FFT, persistent display mode, mask testing) or export the data. The spectrum analyzer software is the part of the basic package as well.

The roll mode (each kit contains the license for the device), allows you to acquire the data as fast as 2.5MS/s and store them directly to the hard drive. You can use either viewer to analyze the data or export tools to analyze data in third party applications.


The ETC appreciates your decision to purchase ETC device, so we offer you the support for unlimited time. Feel free to ask our technicians for help with the measuring task you are currently working on.

The software is available on our website free of charge. Once we add new feature to the basic package, you will be able to download it for a free.


The universal kit is stored in the tough carry case, which protects the device and accessories even in harsh conditions and manipulation. Each component has the place in the foam specifically designed for it. This provides you with the comfort of easy packing and unpacking and protects the components from falling out in non-standard positions of the case.