June 03, 2023

K531 - Arbitrary waveform generator kit


The kit contains the M531 AWG (Arbitrary waveform generator), which can be (together with included accessories) used in wide range of applications.

Device uses metal casing, which withstand rough manipulation and is fully recyclable.

The M531 offers precise electronic engineering (as is usual in all ETC devices) and automated calibration processes during manufacturing. Each kit contains the traceable calibration certificate.

Device is also equipped with the high-level output capable of generating signal with 25V amplitude. The high-level output is available once the device is powered from the wall adapter, which is equipped by the system of the replaceable plugs (usable in Europe, USA, UK and Australia).


The ETC appreciates your decision to purchase ETC device, so we offer you the support for unlimited time. Feel free to ask our technicians for help with the measuring task you are currently working on.

The software is available on our website free of charge. Once we add new feature to the basic package, you will be able to download it for a free.


The K531 kit is stored in the tough carry case, which protects the device and accessories even in harsh conditions and manipulation. Each component has the place in the foam specifically designed for it. This provides you with the comfort of easy packing and unpacking and protects the components from falling out in non-standard positions of the case.