March 01, 2024

EA500-0 Control panel for USB oscilloscopes

  • Controls all important settings
  • Controlling the oscilloscope by mouse or keyboard is still available
  • Connects to computer via USB
  • No other power supply is necessary

The compact size and simple data transfer and storage of an USB oscilloscope could be an important advantage when using a computer or notebook as the basic tool. Especially if you work outside the laboratory, you may not have enough space for notebook and for comfortable mouse manipulation.

The ETC s.r.o. offers you solution. The EA500-0 control panel connects to the computer via 5 pin Mini USB cable and allows controlling oscilloscopes of M520, M570, M590 and M770 families. The universal clip on the back side gives you the possibility to attach the control panel to the belt, to the clipboard with documentation of serviced device, or simply to put it on the table in horizontal or slanted position. It also fits perfectly to the hand thanks to its compact size and anti-skid grip.

All standard control abilities are still available when using a control panel, so the panel can be combined with the mouse or keyboard. When setting up the measurement, you can put the notebook somewhere to visible place, the USB oscilloscope to the place where it is possible to reach the measuring points and the only thing what should be on hand is the control panel. The panel is usable with any device types listed above. It is supported by the SCOPE software up from version 4.0.

Some of the controls have two functions. For example if you turn the knob, it controls vertical shift, if you press it, it controls the AC/DC switch.

The EA500-0 offers all advantages of the PC-based measuring device combined with the controls of standard oscilloscope.